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Online Monitoring of Tehran's Air Pollution
Gathering online data from Tehran's air pollution monitoring stations
Monitoring and Data Acquisition
For labratories applications, industial measurments and research studies
Nanometric Actuators
Manipulators and actuators with nano/micrometer precision
Navigation Systems
aerospace researches and navigation applications (robots, vehicles and human body motions)

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SDRA Co. has started its activities in the field of modeling, simulation and manufacturing mechanical and electronic systems, robotics, automation and instrumentation since 2011. The outstanding results of the projects and high customer satisfaction, show our efforts to provide superior high quality services has been fruitful over these years and today, SDRA Co. with strong scientific and administrative background performs consulting, designing, manufacturing and supplying of navigation systems, automation and instrumentation. All products are designed and produced by SDRA Co. team and customization possibilities are provided according to customers' demands.