Auto calibration

Replacing manual calibration by auto calibration ,using different instrument.

Online air pollution stations

Providing online reports of data received from air quality monitoring stations.

Online noise monitoring stations

Providing online reports of data received from noise monitoring stations.

Air Pollution Monitoring System

Providing statistical analyses and reports based on integrated air quality data.

Online air quality monitors

Making air quality monitors and bus station monitors online.

dust monitoring

This project provides dust-level data in real time which is used for forecasting.

Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring

Integrating data from online and offline water monitoring stations.

Industrial Pollution Monitoring

Encrypt data from different analyzers and send them to a central server.

Reporting software and tablet

Show real time reports of online data to Tehran City Council and managers.

Industry Monitoring

Collect required data from different industrial units in one center to online monitoring and real time control.

Tele Drive System

Design and implementation of communication and control systems for a tele drive vehicle.